Lorna Lueker Zukas

Professor of Sociology
National University

Dr. Lorna Zukas is a transnational sociologist with interests in gender relations and political transitions in Southern Africa, and digital culture in the education space. She is an award winning teacher, author and public speaker.

Other Academic and Research Positions

2020 | Visiting Scholar – African and African-American Studies Research Center, UCSD
2017 | Visiting Scholar – (Summer) Department of History, Indiana University
2015 | Visiting Professor, Hebei Normal University for Nationalities, Chengde, China
1998-2007 | Director, Center for Cultural and Ethnic Studies, National University
2002-2004 | Visiting Sociology Lecturer, New School for Architecture and Design
2001-2003 | Social Science Consultant USAID, Gender and Development (Regional Economic Development Services Office for East and Southern Africa)

Recent publications

Journal Articles:

“Zimbabwe’s national museums and monuments: Constructing culture and making money.” Economic Anthropology, (Forthcoming: January 2022, volume 1). Published online: 23 April 2021 https://doi.org/10.1002/sea2.12204

Book Chapters:

“Statues, Murals and the National Museum: Mediating the Presence and Absence of Women in Zimbabwean Political Struggles.” In War and Memorials: The Second World War and Beyond. Edited by Frank Jacob. Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag, 2019, (PP. 183-214).

“Zimbabwe: A Case Study in Bipolar Development.” In Development in Crisis: Threats to Human Well Being in the Global South and the Global North. Edited by Rae Lesser Blumberg and Samuel Cohn. New York: Routledge, 2016, (pp. 155-172). She is an editor for H-NET at H-Africa.

Encyclopedia Entries:

“Warriors: Recreation and Social Customs in East African Kingdoms.”
“Unattached Women: Family and Community Live in East African Kingdoms.” “Prostitutes: Economics and Work in East African Kingdoms.”
“Rural Dwellers: Southern African Kingdoms-Recreation and Social Customs”
“Domestic Servants: Economics and Work in Modern Sub-Saharan Africa.”  In Daily Life of Women: An Encyclopedia from Ancient Times to the Present. Boyett, Colleen, H. Micheal Tarver, and Mildred Diane Gleason, editors. 4 Volumes. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO – Greenwood Imprint, (December 2020).

Book Reviews:

“Spaces of Belonging,” Book Review: Cynthia Cockburn, Looking to London: Stories of War, Escape and Asylum. H-Net Reviews in the Humanities & Social Sciences, H-Socialisms, Dec. 2019. <Click Here to Read>

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